Beef au jus gravy is perfect for a french dip sandwich or to accompany roasted meat like prime rib of beef it can also be thickened to make beef gravy to make this from scratch you would need to roast some beef bones and gather the pan drippings sometimes this isn rsquo t feasible as with french dip sandwiches or you wouldn rsquo t have enough drippings from your hellip.

I found this recipe by searching for ldquo salisbury steak without onion soup mix rdquo and i rsquo m so glad i found it so delicious and worth the extra time to create the perfect onion flavor by carmelizing real onions this recipe is plenty easy without using things like packaged soup mix or canned mushroom soup.

Slow cooker steak soup ndash sirloin roast beef broth onion soup mix tomato paste worcestershire sauce and egg noodles cooks all day in the crockpot ndash even the noodles serve with some crusty bread for an easy weeknight meal.

Pour 1 frac12 cups water french onion soup cream of chicken soup and packet of au just gravy mix into bottom of the instant pot insert whisk together well place cubed steaks into pot making sure to coat the pieces in the gravy.

Minestrone soup is the sort of soup that keeps life interesting ndash it rsquo s filled to the brim with a variety of vegetables potato beans and pasta in a thick tomato broth that rsquo s full of savoury flavour nobody ever leaves the table dissatisfied after hoovering down a bowl of this minestrone soup.

This homemade salisbury steak recipe is a throwback to the 50 rsquo s tv dinner but a million times better and still so easy on the table in 30 minutes for a great family friendly dinner option my freezer is never without chicken breasts thighs and ground beef.

Brown steak on saute with olive oil first if you do so deglaze pot after they rsquo re done pour 1 4 c of your beef stock or both into your pot with sliced onions sprinkled on top lay seasoned steaks on top of those overlapping the least amount possible whisk together the rest of your broth with onion soup mix steak sauce and minced garlic.

Oven swiss steak recipe there are some non tomato versions out there too but several used cream of mushroom soup while cream of mushroom is actually quite delicious it does not make for a pretty looking meal i chose golden mushroom and beef broth for my version of swiss steak related this dinner pairs well with a long island iced tea.

I really urge you to make this with dried lentils if you can better texture and flavour compared to canned however to make this with canned lentils use 2 x 400g 14oz cans of lentils drained and rinsed and reduce the broth by 1 cup simmer liquid for 20 minutes before adding the lentils then cook with lentils for another 15 minutes don rsquo t want to cook canned lentils for hellip.